Homo Distritum
Year of Revenue: 1912 Year of Baptism: 1915 Godfather: Murcia Instrument: ALL

Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy:

adj. - Díc. of that one to which it likes drinking with red wine, the bread, the garlic, trasnochar, being glad, living, entertaining, kissing; the beautiful girls, the kid, the honor, the pelts of wine, the friendship; the Iberian one, the beard of three days, to court; the art of the war, the love, the verb, to rest; the güisqui of malt, the meat to the ember, to be given, sopar; the discipline of the steel, the picaresque novel, the adventure, to confuse; to toll instruments, the silly soup, the flirtatious comment, to enjoy...
WITHOUT. 1 m. - Member of the Tuna of District of Murcia.